Are These Wedding Customs Healthy?

Wedding CustomsCome now, we don’t want to burst your bubble. Weddings can be the happiest day in anyone’s life – especially in Halton. But are all these customs necessary?

Look for yourself.

First: The Receiving Line

Put on your best smiles and an a mountain of patience. Here comes the receiving line. With a long line of wedding cohorts (e.g., bridesmaids, bride, groomsmen, groom, parents), must you congratulate all of them? Sound pretty ridiculous. Not only is it a waste of time, imagine how much energy is expended on the greeting and shaking-hands alone.

Second: Prolonged Bahelorette/Bachelor Party

It sounds fair to do it once. Just to say goodbye to that part of your life. But doing it for a week on end. C’mon. Is that necessary?

Well, if your financially certain you can keep up with all the drinking and partying.

Though this tradition has been customary in the UK, getting a week-long party can certainly bore a big hole in your pocket.

Third: Much fuss about little flower girls/baby ring bearers.

Sure, they would look cute. But obliging them to behave in a one-hour or more ceremony, is a bit too exacting for four-year olds or less, don’t you think?

Poor kids.

Fourth: Disposable Cameras Placed on the Table

In the world of iPads and Androids, this one sounds outright funny if not totally insane. Why bother? In the good old days, these cameras can be thought of as novelty. Not today. And besides, who would want to keep pictures that lack depth or distinction?

Wedding customs are fine as long as they serve a purpose. Of course, religious beliefs are an entirely different breed.

Then again, nobody’s stopping you from doing things your way. It’s your wedding anyway.

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