Making Your Mini-Moon Happen!

Her Wedding PlannerAfter your ‘big day of union’ right in Halton, a mini-moon could be a welcome relief. Rightfully so as not only will your wedding come with a generous amount of thinking (and stress) , it will also leave a huge dent on your budget. But how do you make great mini-moons – or short honeymoons – happen? Here are 5 proven tips.


1. Explore your options. Mini-moons spell convenience, that’s true. Still, it could go wrong if you are not too careful. List down possible options ahead of time and take time to consider each one. In this regard, internet reviews can go a long way.


2. Book ahead of time.  Your destination could be a nearby beach resort, the Rocky Mountains or the Wonderland.  Booking a place to stay not only saves you a lot of trouble it could give you greater options to save.


3. Decide together.  There is a danger to be overexcited about your not-so-distant destination and decide on your own.  However, it is best you explore options together as a couple, unless you want to take this journey alone.


4. Itinerary, please.  Learn about possible places you could enjoy visiting or possible things you could do together while in your mini-moon.  Being shorter in time than a traditional honeymoon is no excuse for it to be a drag. Underwater scuba or skydiving or plain mountaineering could be a lot of fun, for instance, if you do it together.


5. Weather-watch.  You may have to consider a plan B should things not go as planned.  In the long run, your time together in a mini-moon could be limited but with ample planning, things could turn out to be more than just great – giving you a wonderful start.

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