Want Some Wedding Magic: Turn On the Lights!

Her Wedding PlannerYou may wonder what can lights do to your wedding. Well, for starters no Hollywood set is done without one. Lights set the tone for your reception. It makes the location picture-perfect and everything under it more beautiful (i.e., wedding cake, tables and your guests). Here’s how to get a lighting plan going.



1. Call in the pros. Unless you have had experience in theatre lightings, letting a pro do the job could be the best option for you. It may take a call to your florist, coordinator or a friend from way back but it’s definitely worth the hassle.



2. Study the location. Evening receptions welcome a vast array of options. However, you would have to identify fixed lightings. Those that focus on walls, windows or ceilings take away the attention from the center of the room.
Lighting should lift the spirit and encourage a conversation. Thus, focus should be the dining tables and the dance floors.

For indoor or home weddings, a generator may be needed to boost capacity. In this regard, checking the machine’s noise level ahead could save you the wrath of your guests.



3. Add a little imagination. Gobos, circular stencils over some light, could project your monograms or motifs. Highlights could be done via focused light or what lighting people call pin spots.


Different lighting colors add fun to the mix. However, soft lights – mimicking a flickering candle – is always best for dinner time.



Then as the party progresses, you may want to dramatically increase the lighting to get things going. In the end, proper lighting could cast a spell that when coupled with matching music and wine make your big day in Halton an affair to remember!

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