Three Proven Saving Tips for Your Halton Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerIf you’re looking for great ways to cut wedding costs without sacrificing wedding memories, read on. After all, it’s not a secret: Money you keep is money you can use to build your marriage (e.g. brand new house, money for your first baby). Below are 3 methods to maximize your savings on your ‘big day in Halton’.


1.  Use the power of the pen. This may sound far-off. Many would find writing tedious – a futile exercise to some.  But there is a reason why corporations and big firms put financial projections in writing. When you put your projected expense in writing you put a handle on one of your most important assets: money. More often than not, without financial planning you buy on impulse and lose out on the important things.


2. Set a budget cap. Before you look for a wedding dress or call the vendors (e.g. caterers, flowers) decide from the onset how much you are going to spend for the wedding.  If you don’t take time to sit down with your future-other and set a cap on your expenses, chances are you will watch your finances get drained right before your eyes.


3.  Prioritize. A sit-down wedding can give you the whole night to celebrate but on one end a picnic may just cost you a fraction. Learn to prioritize your expenses. Why not cut your guest list to 100? Very thin but also very possible indeed. This is where your decision making as a future couple will be put to a test.


In the end, choosing to be lean and mean is a wise choice. As statistics would have it, financial stability is one of the vital factors of a happy marriage; the loss of it a precursor to eventual breakdowns.

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