Making that Guest List in Halton

Her Wedding PlannerWell, this one sounds easy. Sadly, however, many would-be partners who want the ‘wedding of their dreams’ in Halton find finalizing the guest list a touchy subject. But it need not be. And here’s why:


First things first. Your guest list comes as an aftermath of the kind of wedding you want. Therefore – first and foremost – decide on the kind of wedding that’s best for you given your budget.


That is why, it’s wise to keep things in the right perspective. True, it is easy to go gaga over a star-studded wedding, for instance. You could want it bad – pinning a cut-out picture in your room – and that is understandable. Note though that there is no sense in burning your lifetime savings for your wedding.


Remember, your wedding is just the beginning of your life together as a couple. You would want to start things right – not in debt.


In this sense, starting your list with people who we may call as non-negotiables could make a whole lot more sense. Who are these people you can’t afford not inviting? And work your way down from there.


Or you could also do it the other way around. Decide on a target number first based on your budget. Say, 200 guests. And from there, list the people you would want to be there as your witnesses from Earth on your big day.


In this regard, it also pays to be discreet. Enlisting and even talking to your workmates about your planned wedding may not be a good idea. Unless of course, these people are part of your list from the onset; in which case, you may go on ahead.


Hard as it may seem, being honest upfront can save you the hassle. Certainly, there is no need to be dealt a forced hand (not even from your future in-laws). You, together with your future partner-in-life, should get the guest list – who to send invites – in order. In the final analysis, this is your day in Halton and it is you who will foot the bill.

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