Getting Married Without Blowing the Bank

Her Wedding PlannerNowadays, it’s easy to get carried away by the sparkle of a superstar wedding. However, there is no need to let your budget constraints limit the excitement on the ‘day you become one’. Get these tried-and-tested practices to get you your dream wedding.


First Things First

For sure, you will have to spend; but there is no need to spend a fortune – unless you want to live on credit for the rest of your life.

It is important that you take time to sit down with your future-other-half to make a decision. Remember that as time goes by, your needs – as a couple – tend to increase (e.g., baby, house, car).

Decide ahead of time to keep things within budget.


Do Your Research

Whoever made Las Vegas happen sure did great research. Who would have thought that desert piece of land can be an entertainment center – if not the gambling capital of the world?

There are wonderful options waiting for you to uncover. It’s just that it may take more time to find them.

For instance, many aspects – invites is one – can be DIY. Also, for honeymoons, you can save a lot on air fare and accommodations if you do your thing ahead of time.


Think Out-of-the-Box

You can do the unconventional. Not only will it save you some bucks, it could be even more memorable. Think of that guy who proposed complete with a horse and carriage – very retro but very effective.


Explore your options. Brainstorming with your fiancée can do a lot of wonders. Your honeymoon, for instance, can save a fortune if you are willing to try less-traveled destinations.


Why not go on a country tour on a borrowed Harley-Davidson sportster? There are great adventures waiting for you as long as you do things as one.

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