Ten Tried-and-Tested Budget Wedding Tips

Her Wedding PlannerWell, if you’re bent on getting yourself a disaster-free wedding in Halton Region , financially that is, read on. Here are 10 tips that could save you the trouble.

1. Negotiate. If you failed the first time, try again. Vendor prices are not etched in stone. You may get some more elbow room the second time you ask, or the third for that matter.


2. Scale down your cake. Big cakes can add up to your expense, easily as they cost an awful lot with all the icing and flourishes.


3. Trim down on your menu options. There is no need to serve guests like kings as this could easily be a financial Waterloo. Instead, use cheaper alternatives. For instance, chicken or turkey are less expensive when compared to other meats.


4. Use in-season flora or fake them. Using off-season flowers can get your costs up exponentially. Try what’s available or make do with plastic.


5. Cut the alcohol costs. Put a cap on the open bar. Limit these to a few choice wine or beer. Or to put order into it, you can also use a  ticket system where you arrange a limited amount of tickets at the bar be available for guests to enjoy.


6. Choose receptions that allow you to bring alcohol inside. Alcohol intake will easily pile up the bill so having a reception where you can bring them in can save you a fortune, no doubt.


7. Source out cheap location. This may take a little imagination and some time but when you get the location it sure can get you less financial stress. A favorite is a family member’s own abode.


8. Book off-season wedding. Just sidestep the peak wedding months and get yourself a cheaper service.


9. Skip buying a “buying gown”. Instead try cheaper alternatives like white evening gowns at your fave department stores.


10. Lastly and most importantly, trim your wedding guest list. Quite simply this is the best piece we can give. Not easy, but very practical.

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