Out of town weddings and local wedding planners

Wedding PlanningOut of town weddings are known to happen every now and then.

From weddings to be celebrated in Canada’s Halton Region to ceremonies set to take place in Miami, the enviable services of locally based wedding planners comes as great news for to-be weds, who won’t have to worry a lot about doing the necessary leg work in preparation for their wedding.

However, cases of wedding planners conning to-be weds with “advance payments” then not fully doing their jobs have been known to happen, mostly involving out of town weddings where the bride and groom plan on flying into town for the occasion.

If you happen to be celebrating your wedding out of town and are on the lookout for local wedding planners, here are some points you should look into.

Quick assessments based on “tall tale signs”

As a general rule, watching out for “tall tale signs” when dealing with local wedding planners helps you weigh how much you can or can’t rely on them in dealing with your wedding-related needs.

One tall tale sign takes shape in looking into where a wedding planner’s office is located, with established business centers being a good sign telling you that you’re dealing with a reliable wedding planner.

By having an office in a known business center, you can be assured that no decent building would issue a lease to a “fly by night” organization, which pretty much gives you an idea on how reliable wedding planner can be.

Another tell tale sign to watch out for would be a wedding planner’s business permits, which he or she or an organization should have as proof as a legitimate member of the service offering industry.

Other tell tale signs could be found in testimonials from previous clients, along with looking into what established caterers or outfitters have to say about a particular wedding planner.

If you think looking out for these tall tale signs sounds trivial, you’d be amazed at how much they actually reveal about what you can expect from a given local wedding planner.

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